Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Castle Building in Southern France

How could a volunteer trip that involved helping rebuild a medieval castle turn into a lesson in Zen? That's what happened to me when I journeyed to a town not far from Avignon to spend a week with the group La Sabranenque that's noted for its restoration wook. I just guest blogged about this enlightening experience for Got Saga. They wanted to know about my favorite travel story that I enjoy telling and retelling. This is definitely it.


Sunny said...

I love France. Tell us a little bit more about your trip, please. Regards from Orly Hotels

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Sunny, I spent the entire 10-day period in the program organized by La Sabranenque. It was lovely and involved a lot of hard work during the day, group meals with fresh food that included local fruits and vegetables, and then time to hang out and explore in the evening. You should check out their website for the volunteer programs they offer. It was an experience I'd gladly repeat.